Salvage Operations

Harmer Steel operates a salvage division that allows us to provide quality used rail and track materials to our customers. For many railroad and industrial applications, good quality used rail will serve just as well as new rail, and is much more economical. Used rail that can be re-laid is known in the industry as “relay” rail. This same term is also used for other track components like tie plates, joint bars, ties, and rail anchors. Harmer maintains a large inventory of relay rail and other track materials (o.t.m.) ready for prompt shipment.

Our salvage operation dismantles and salvages railroad tracks, as well as purchases, sorts and grades relay materials of all kinds. We operate specialized equipment that can operate on or off the tracks. Our trucks are equipped with magnet cranes for handling loose o.t.m. as well as grapples for handling rail. Specialized rail carts are used to transport materials along the track when road access is not available. Our sorting crews are thorough and conscientious so you can be assured that all relay materials will be of the highest quality and meet desired specifications.