Standard Gage Turnouts (freight railroads and industrial tracks)

We have a large inventory of new and used turnout materials. In new frogs, we carry both SMSG (solid manganese self-guarded) and RBM (railbound manganese) in common rail sizes and frog numbers. A great variety of used frogs of all types and sizes are available. We also have a large variety of new and used switch points, guard rails, switch stands and plating. We often provide a turnout that is a mixture of new and reconditioned components which gives customers an economical turnout without sacrificing quality.

Harmer Steel’s reconditioning of used trackwork is of the highest quality in the industry. Our welders have years of experience and “we are perfectionists”! We don’t just make it look better, we ensure all potential weak areas are thoroughly repaired and any cracks are completely removed and filled-in with good metal. We follow proper welding and cooling procedures, pay attention to straightness, and make sure points, flangeways and other critical areas are carefully examined.

We pride ourselves on fast service. We can often ship a complete turnout in less than a week rather than the typical six to eight weeks that is common in the industry. We have component parts and hard-to-find items on-hand that can be shipped promptly.

Narrow Gage Light Rail Turnouts (mining, tunneling & other applications)

Harmer Steel has years of experience manufacturing frogs, switch points and special trackwork for the mining and tunneling industry. We are also an experienced supplier to miniature railroads for zoos, theme parks and private railroads all over North America.

Our preassembled turnouts utilizing steel ties are very popular. These turnouts provide many advantages. They are constructed by experienced personnel in a controlled shop environment which ensures quality and consistency. Rail is securely and accurately clipped to proper gage on steel ties. This not only provides a better quality, more durable turnout, but also eliminates costly on-site labor expense. Give us your parameters and we can make CAD drawings showing detailed geometry for your review and approval.