New & Used Inventory

Harmer Steel maintains large inventories of rail and track accessories in multiple locations. These inventories allow us to ship promptly, which eliminates costly delays and downtime. We can supply both new and used rail and accessories. Our rail inventory spans the entire range from 12 to 175-lb. rail. We stock all of the standard crane rails and light rails, as well as 39′ and 80′ lengths of heavy railroad rails. All of our yards are equipped with versatile machinery for cutting and drilling rails of all sizes. Our skilled and experienced machine operators can handle difficult and close tolerance jobs with miter cuts, tight joints or other special requirements. We can supply pre-curved rail for rail circles or other special applications.

Our standards for grading used rail are the highest in the industry. Each piece of rail is individually inspected and graded. Defective rails are culled out or defects are removed. Our customers often tell us that our no. 2 grade rails are better than the no. 1 grade shipped by other suppliers. We sort used o.t.m. (other track materials) better than anyone. Our experienced crews hand check every single item. Broken or defective items are scrapped and everything is carefully sorted by size and style. Tie plates are separated by rail base, outside dimensions and hole pattern. If necessary, rail seat areas are cleaned and holes are cleared, then plates are banded on pallets for ease of handling. Used rail anchors, track spikes and e-clips are also hand-checked one by one. Anchors and e-clips are checked for spring tension and scrapped if they don’t meet our criteria.